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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

New Canaan Properties impacts communities through social responsibility.

Mission: At New Canaan Properties, our mission is to elevate, reconstruct, and fortify local communities by strategically investing in real estate and advocating for community members. Through these efforts, we aim to cultivate flourishing, healthy neighborhoods.

Vision: We envision a future where every individual, irrespective of their background, possesses a profound understanding of financial literacy and engages in responsible investing. Our aspiration is for a world where young minds not only acquire the knowledge and skills to secure their financial futures but are also motivated to leverage their financial expertise for positive global impact. We envision a generation that not only prospers financially but also contributes to a more just and sustainable world through well-informed financial decisions.

Commitment: At New Canaan Properties, our commitment extends beyond mere real estate transactions. We are devoted to instigating positive social change by empowering individuals and communities through comprehensive real estate education and community initiatives.

Appreciating Our Heroes

New Canaan Properties collaborates with Project Gibbor, a local Richmond, Virginia organization dedicated to honoring first responders. Founded by a 16-year-old, Project Gibbor raises awareness among children about the tireless efforts of our first responders. The organization gathers donations and supplies, including food, toiletries, and cards, which are then distributed to local stations. New Canaan Properties supports first responders through initiatives such as Project Gibbor and their own NCP Heroes program. The NCP Heroes program provides benefits to buyers and sellers, such as a $1000 incentive to assist them in achieving their objectives and free home warranties when they engage with the program during the buying or selling process.

Supporting Our Homeschool Community Projects

Khaliyah Barakhyahu, the founder and CEO of New Canaan Properties, speaks at education conferences offering educational resources for homeschooling parents and eduprenuers. Through strategic partnerships with local organizations and stakeholders, she addresses vital community concerns and champions initiatives that bolster youth education.

B’RESHEET Community Foundation

B’resheet is a nonprofit organization established by Khaliyah Barakhyahu with the mission to uplift, rebuild, and fortify local communities through investments, real estate endeavors, and advocacy for the development of healthy, thriving neighborhoods. Currently, B’resheet is actively engaged in two initiatives aimed at fostering much-needed change within local communities.

The first initiative focuses on community development, including youth programs in real estate, investment in revitalizing communities, and rehabilitating land for affordable housing. The second initiative aims to invest in community wellbeing by providing support and information for homebuyers, as well as assisting with end-of-life preparations such as funeral consulting and aiding elderly homeowners with transitions and probate matters.

Renovating Houses to Fulfill Housing Demand

Our meticulously crafted programs and applications are tailor-made to empower individuals residing in underserved communities, equipping them with the necessary tools to confidently navigate the intricate journey towards homeownership. Through our dedicated efforts, numerous clients, who had encountered obstacles in their pursuit of owning a home, have not only overcome these challenges but have also achieved the dream of homeownership. They serve as shining examples of the effectiveness and impact of our initiatives, inspiring others in their community to pursue and attain the same level of success in homeownership.